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Full-scale, Roof-to-Sidewalk Inventory Service

We help organizations of all scopes and sizes to catalog their recognition heritage, support cultivation, stewardship, and recognition strategies, and plan future donor recognition programs.

Trained Professionals

Our team draws on a legacy of 50+ years of excellence in recognition to describe and evaluate every piece of your recognition art – providing detailed description, location, and assessment of condition and value

Comprehensive, Curatorial Approach

We assess every corner of your building or campus, and locate, identify, measure, and photograph every donor recognition item – both stored and displayed – and capture the information in a searchable, sharable, user-friendly digital database

Proven Success

For 50+ Years

Our donor recognition professionals and software solution ensure your recognition inventory is complete, accurate and at your fingertips. Our service solution is proven to increase donor retention, lifetime value of donors and donor loyalty.

Your LC

Fifty years of partnership with great organizations has taught LegacyCurator™ that every culture is unique, with a specific set of capabilities, needs, and goals.

This is your LegacyCurator™.

You can tailor LegacyCurator™ to your organization’s unique requirements – selecting the scale and scope of your LegacyCurator™ audit. You can choose to inventory your entire recognition archive, or catalog only recognition items in a specific unit, campus, or other element of your organization. You can decide to include all art and statuary in your organization, not solely pieces that are linked to a specific campaign or gift. Or organize your LegacyCurator™ experience in any other way that fits your plans and needs.


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