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Our LegacyCurator team brings a full roster of artisans, and recognition experts, draws on a half-century of experience to deliver depth and breadth of perspective, deep technical content knowledge, and efficiency to your organization..


The LegacyCurator team will work closley with you to efficiently curate your recgonition, helping you to acheive your recognition goals while tracking every detail. We’ll walk through every building, using our experience and expertise to recognize opportunities you may not have explored previously.


After our initial curation visit the team at LegacyCurator will do a full inventory of your recognition – places, costs, donors, length of recognition – and input that data into an easy to use, easy to share digital database that can be accessed across all departments in order to efficiently achieve and track your recognition goals.


LCTracker, our easy to use searchable digital database is your home for all pertinent recognition information. Once curated and inventoried, you’ll be able to access and search your database from any device.


Our technology and the quality of our service depends on the expertise of our experience legacy curation experts. We have more than 30 years of experience working with organizations to achieve their goals in a simple, manageable way.

LC Helps You Link Past, Present and Future Philanthropy


Preserve continuity amid staff turnover, construction, mergers, and other potentially disruptive events.


Nurture culture of philanthropy within and beyond organization by showing respect for donor recognition.


Educate staff and support major gift team with critical relationship data to aid in cultivation.


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