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LCTracker ™



All of your donor recognition in one searchable, shareable digital database.

Our LCTracker™ software offers a user-friendly management system for gift and naming opportunities as well as tracking tools for existing recognition inventory.

About this Process

The LCTracker ™ process begins with an on-site, comprehensive roof-to-sidewalk audit of your donor recognition by a trained LegacyCurator expert.

All relevant information is collected and curated, including photos, and inputted into our LCTracker system.

Once inside our user-friendly system, your information will be easily accesible and easily shareable across departments!

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One-touch access to your full recognition archive


Track all recognition attributes

Search, sort and report on recognition item information at your fingertips.


Plan naming opportunities

Plan, manage and communicate naming opportunities in real time with interactive floor plans.


User friendly interface

Intuitive design is easy to navigate. Ongoing tech support and training webinars provided.


LCTracker is a SaaS that provides the ability for busy development teams to access important institutional recognition information and to access and update statuses related to naming opportunities appropriate to their roles, wherever there is internet access.

Varying levels of access allow donor relations, gift team, development leadership, facilities and other users the ability to search, run reports, customize and update LCTracker as appropriate .

LCTracker greatly improves the ability for organizations to managing existing recognition data. It helps strengthen stewardship for donors and is a great tool for support staff and for leadership, helping with:


LCTracker’s Planner module, where naming opportunities can be displayed on floor plans, with descriptions, photos, videos provides terrific support front line advancement officers, helping with tools to:


  • Prepare for donor meetings
  • Identify relevant naming opportunities to discuss with the donor as they relate to NO’s, responding to specific donor interests – dept/activity, etc.
  • Set donor expectations as it relates to the recognition that will be dedicated in their honor. By this we mean communicating recognition standards; size and type of recognition as it relates to the gift amount
  • On an ongoing basis – as construction/renovation go from planned to completion, the growing menu of naming opportunities and their statuses can be kept up to date easily.

      Preparing for donor meetings.

      Wouldn’t it be great to know a donor’s recognition heritage, what their past affinities have been and where their name is honored within your buildings. Really, it is what your donors expect you to know about them – so here it is in one place where it can be accessed remotely.


      Managing the state of your installed recognition

      Managing the state of your installed recognition and how it reflects your care for your donors and potential donors.


      Supporting your recognition planning initiatives

      Improve standards and policies, track vendor information, review materials and styles.


      Preserving continuity

      Preserving continuity amid staff turnover, construction, mergers, and other potentially disruptive events.


      Education & support

      Educating staff and support major gift team with critical relationship data to aid in cultivation.


      Plans for New Campaigns

      Preparing for new campaigns with comprehensive recognition review of donor histories and affinities.


      Identifying new naming opportunities

      Identifying new naming opportunities through on site inventory of areas and assets unnamed to date, or by process of elimination by researching spaces where no existing recognition exists.


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