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Frequently Asked Questions



When Do We First Meet?

An initial digital meeting is scheduled to go over the LegacyCurator ™ Process. We will gather all pertinent information and walk you through our process, including a video walk-through of LegacyTracker.

We then schedule an on-site curation visit, during which our expert team catalgoues all donor recognition to be entered into your LCTracker ™ database.

How Many User Accounts Do I Get?

There is no limit to the amount of users who can access LegacyCurator. 

How Customizable Is It?

We’ll work with youto customize the aesthetic of your account to your organization as well as work on fuctions that may meet your expanding needs. 

Will It Connect to My Existing CRM?

LegacyCurator’s technology connects with all major CRM systems, creating a seemless connection between lists. 

Can I set Up Push Notifications?

Recurring notifications and emails regarding scheduling and changes to donor recognition statuses are automatically scheudled by our LCTracker system.

How Much Does It Cost?

LegacyCurator is competitively priced in order to offer colleges, hospitals, and other organizations and efficient means of capturing and cataloging all of their donor recognition efforts and opportunities. 

Do You Offer Support?

Our expert team is on call during business hours to answer any questions and to assist you in any way. 


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