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“LegacyCurator™  has enabled us to encapsulate our complete recognition record … encompassing more than 4,000 entries … in a way that pays homage to our rich history and supports our philanthropy officers in effective stewardship of our donors.”

Maida Connor

Gettysburg College

“After 29 years of working at Women & Infants Hospital, I feel privileged to be leading the Historical Hallway project which will honor donors from past decades. Through this process of preserving our philanthropy history, I have gained an even stronger appreciation for all those who supported our hospital in earlier times and I believe that the project has impacted others in the same manner. Our research has shown that descendants of many of our early donors are still living in the area which has inspired us to host a re-dedication ceremony and invite family members as we pay tribute to the philanthropists of the past. The project has been the ultimate experience in good stewardship.

It has also been an extreme pleasure to work with Honorcraft on this very special and important project. The Honorcraft representatives are genuinely in tune with the humanity that is at the very center of saving our history. I always get the feeling that the business transaction is secondary to our need to carefully steward the recognitions of long ago. They are a perfect partner in this endeavor.”

Marilyn A. Squier

Donor Relations Philanthropy Officer, Department of Philanthropy, Women & Infants

“LegacyCurator was a joy to work with and exceeded my expectations. Geisinger has an extremely large, geographically spread out system that is almost 100 years old – we had a challenge and they organized and helped us tackle this project. Almost as soon as I got the hard copies back I used them to find and answer recognition-related questions! It paid for itself with one phone call from a donor asking about an old plaque.

LegacyCurator has this project organized in a way that makes sense and captures everything about the recognition piece. The final product is compatible with our database to make our donor records more complete.”

Donna Ross

Senior Development Officer, Stewardship, Geisinger Health Systems


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